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Isobel Wren (model)
This community is designed for fans of the lovely and fascinating Isobel Wren, as well as anyone else interested in Isobel, her work, her career, or anything else about her (see * note), not to mention anyone who might have stumbled upon this page and be curious about just who this rare bird might be. (This community is for text-only entries and non-explicit images. For explicit images, please use the isobel_xx community.)

Isobel Wren (“the thinking man’s nympho”) is a fetish, figure, and fine art nude model (also occasionally a commercial, editorial, and fashion model) and actress. The work of “Isobel Versatility Wren,” as she calls herself on OneModelPlace, easily runs the gamut from pure art to pure erotica. She is a self-acknowledged exhibitionist with her own adult pay site and an adults-only Yahoo group devoted to her exhibitionism, as well as several screen credits in IMDb for adult films. She has a BS in environmental science and an enduring interest in environmental and feminist issues, as well as the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. When she talks about her work (or just about anything else) – as she does, for example, on her own YouTube and Dailymotion channels (see ** note) and on the shared “fivenakedmodels” YouTube channel that she conceived – Isobel comes off as obviously intelligent, emotionally mature, and highly rational, but passionate (and compassionate) at the same time. Regarded as a genius by some and a goddess by others, Isobel is the true human embodiment of awesomeness in its purest form. (Being made of awesome, she is, of course, a nerdfighter.)

*It should go without saying that this "anything else" excludes personal issues that would be inappropriate to discuss in a publicly readable forum (with the recognition that the definition of what’s appropriate may be a little different for Isobel than it might be for someone else).

This means specifically, among other things, that Isobel’s life as a student (before she moved to Boston and became a full-time model) is off limits, with the following exceptions: (1) vague generalities related to her subsequent career (“Isobel went to school in Virginia; that’s why you occasionally hear a hint of a drawl in her voice.”); (2) references to her own subsequent public statements in her public persona (“Isobel said in a YouTube video that...”); (3) narrow references to her work (“Isobel just posted some vintage pictures on her site. Damn, she was hot!”). Note that, technically, statements made on the members only section of her Web site are not public statements, but some leeway in that regard may be allowed. Isobel really puts herself out there for the public these days: there are videos available of her engaged in various unconventional sexual practices and pictures that show considerable anatomical detail. Please respect her privacy regarding the parts of her life that are still non-public.

**Some of Isobel’s videos were removed by YouTube, and she has stopped posting new videos on YouTube. She has posted some of the removed videos on Dailymotion, as well as on LiveVideo.com

Note on the community account name: isobellezza = Isobel + bellezza. "Bellezza" is the Italian word for "beauty" (pronounced like "bell late sah" in English). (I thought of going with the Spanish "belleza," only the way it's pronounced, it doesn't combine well with the name "Isobel.")

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