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What the hell are "adult concepts"? [Feb. 5th, 2009|09:34 pm]
Fans and Aficionados of Isobel Wren


I've changed this group from 14+ to all ages.  The fact is, there are plenty of adults on LiveJournal who didn't put in birthdates, and I don't want them to be excluded from reading this journal or joining this community.  Plus, when you link to it, it's totally annoying if people have to click on the "I'm 14+ Really I am" thing.  I've never heard of a any legal requirements that involve 14 as a cutoff age (although perhaps I'm ignorant of the law).  And I don't think any children will be scarred for life by reading this.  I mean, if there were naughty pictures like in isobel_xx , then sure, you have to exclude minors and you have to warn people that they're not in Pleasantville any more, but....when it's just words?  If people don't want to read an entry about "bondage and penis length," I don't think they need any more warning than the title.